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How does the 49IN49 Challenge work?2020-09-18T17:38:18+00:00

Once you register, you have until November 8th to register and a total of 49 days to complete 49 miles virtually, on your own time. You may run, walk, or even roll! You do not need to complete all 49 miles at once. We encourage you to log your results to our Leaderboard as you complete your distances to be ranked among other 49ers fans. Every week, we will send an interactive task or video from your Team Captain to keep you motivated throughout the Challenge!

How do I choose my Team Captain?2020-09-18T17:43:37+00:00

If you register as a Gold Rusher, you will be able to choose your Team Captain at checkout. If you register as a Red Runner, you will randomly be assigned to a Team Captain. Those registered prior to September 20th will receive their team assignments on September 19th. Red Runners who register after September 20th will be “Drafted” to a team and notified by email every Monday/Tuesday of the following week.

When will I receive my items?2020-09-18T17:45:04+00:00

We will mail you your items in two different packages. At the beginning of the series, you will receive your bib, FanBand, and face mask (Gold Rushers or first 250 Red Runners). At the end of the series, we will ship you your medal and team tee. Team tees are specific to your Team Captain.

Is it too late to sign up?2020-09-18T17:45:36+00:00

No we encourage you to register at any point prior to the conclusion of the Challenge on November 8th.

Can I run more or less than the 49 miles?2020-09-18T17:46:04+00:00

We encourage you to complete all 49 miles but it is not required. Of course, we encourage you to complete more than 49 miles!

What is the FanBand, and how does it work?2020-09-18T17:46:47+00:00

When you touch the center of your wristband to the back of your phone, our official content will launch and take you to the 49IN49 Huddle. Here you will get the latest videos from your team captain and be able to upload your fitness results to the 49-mile leader board.

What Phone’s does the FanBand work with?2020-09-18T17:47:18+00:00

The FanBand works on most Android phones and is supported by iPhone XS, XR, XMax and above.

Are there phones the FanBand does NOT work with?2020-09-18T17:47:55+00:00

Are there phones the FanBand does NOT work with?
For users with Iphone 7, 8 or X you need to download a free app called Tap2Interact https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tap2interact/id1264954691


My FanBand doesn’t work with my phone, what do I do?2020-09-18T17:49:09+00:00

Download the free Tap2Interact https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tap2interact/id1264954691 and you will be able to scan your wristband to get to the 49IN49 Huddle.You can also bookmark this link https://goldenheartfund.org/race-home/49in49huddle/ to get the latest info without a FanBand

What is the race cancellation/refund policy?2020-09-18T17:51:37+00:00

There is no cancellation policy for this virtual event- It is held rain or shine at your convenience inside on a treadmill or outdoors when safe. Sorry NO Refunds.


For Live Events, Weather, emergencies, or other issues of public safety may cause cancellation or postponement of the Event(s), outside of the control of event management. In the instance of an unforeseen event cancellation, a majority of event expenses have already incurred. Should such event cancellation or postponement occur, registered participants will have two options:

  1. Defer entry to future event date
  2. Donate event registration fees to official event charity

Specific protocol for allocating participant registration fees would be communicated to participants in the case of an event cancellation. Communication would specify participant response time within a limited time window following the cancellation to allow for adequate management action.

How do I get information on the 49ers Golden Heart Run events?2018-07-13T17:05:30+00:00

Check our facebook page for the latest updates: https://www.facebook.com/goldenheartfund/. Email info@goldenheartrun.com to subscribe to our email list.

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